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Navigating Baby Loss: Find Hope and Healing

Private and Group Coaching Sessions

Do You Feel ...

  • your loss is your fault and you blame yourself

  • you can't forgive your body

  • your relationship is falling apart at the seams

  • you can't focus on anything

  • you have a hard time being around others (and they say all the wrong things!)

  • jealous of others who are pregnant

  • hopeless or scared to get pregnant again

  • you can't find anyone to talk to who understands

Greiving Loss Mom

How I Can Help

Find Relief and Healing

Recover from Grief

Support for Every Area of Your Life

Personalized Coaching Sessions

Private and Group Sessions Available

“Navigating Baby Loss helped me find hope and healing after the loss of my baby. Their personalized coaching sessions gave me the support I needed to start moving forward.”

- Sarah

“I am so grateful for the support I received from Navigating Baby Loss. Jen helped me relieve the guilt and pain that came with my baby’s stillbirth and improved so many areas of my life.”

- Emily

“Navigating Baby Loss provided me with the guidance and support I needed to start healing. I highly recommend their services to anyone struggling after the loss of a baby.”

- Carissa

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Listen to the Podcast

Listen to the Navigating Baby Loss Podcast where each week I talk with experts and other loss parents who share their expertise and knowledge to help you in your grief journey. New episodes are released each Thursday. 

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