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Jennifer Senn- Coach for Stillbirth Moms
10 Questions You Ask Yourself When You Lose Your Baby

Navigating Baby Loss

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"10 Questions You Ask Yourself When You Lose Your Baby ...and the Answers You've Been Looking For"

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Is this You ?

  • you feel like your loss is your fault and you blame yourself

  • you can't forgive your body

  • your relationship is falling apart at the seams

  • you can't focus on anything

  • you have a hard time being around others (and they say all the wrong things!)

  • you're jealous of others who are pregnant

  • you feel hopeless or scared to get pregnant again

  • you can't find anyone to talk to who understands

Jennifer Senn Coaching

You deserve to stop suffering

Here's What My Clients Say

The 90-Minute session helped my sleeplessness. I kept waking up with panic attacks and Jen taught me some exercises to do 30 minutes before bed to calm my system. SO Thankful. 

- Rebecca

I was struggling because 3 of my co-workers were pregnant when I returned to work. I felt so defeated every day. This program helped me more than i can ever find the words for.


I felt like I was a horrible wife and mother and I blamed myself for my baby's death. I am so thankful I found Jen when I did because I know I would still be spiraling and suffering if I didn't.

- Krysta

10 Questions You Ask Yourself When You Lose Your Baby

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