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Jennifer Senn Grief coach for parents of stillborn babies

Living a life full of possibility again as you are...

Baby Loss

Online Grief Coaching with Jennifer Senn

Meet Jen

Certified Life Coach and Stillborn Loss Coach

I know firsthand the pain that losing a baby brings. I lost my twin girls at 32 weeks gestation and it has been an incredible journey to make peace and try to make sense of this tragedy way too many families have to live through...and many suffer in silence.

At the time of my loss, there weren't many support options so it's my mission to provide women who are suffering after the loss of their pregnancy or stillbirth with the kind of information and support I wish I had and help them heal in a way that honors them as well as their baby.

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Listen to the Navigating Baby Loss Podcast anywhere you get your podcasts or click the button below to listen now!

 I Specialize In Helping You...

Release the self blame, guilt, and shame that often comes with loss

Find your new "normal" in a world that doesn't understand

Strengthen your relationship with your partner and understand each other's grief

Tackle waves of grief and jealousy when you're around others

Re-Invent a new future and remove fear during pregnancy again if you desire one


The Journey Towards Healing Begins Here. Begin Your Journey Today.


This was life-changing for me and allowed me to look at the gifts of my situation instead of focusing on the pain. I looked forward to our meetings and learned so much about myself.

~ SJ

I was skeptical at first that anything could help me but her kind voice and the way she understood where I was was so comforting and helpful. I would recommend it to anyone who is struggling with their loss.


This honestly saved my marriage and helped me restore friendships and my faith. I feel almost like myself again even though I'll never be the same and she let me know that that is OK. I can process it in my own time.

~ EV

3 Ways We Can Get To Know Each Other...


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Join me each week as I discuss topics that are common as you navigate your journey after loss. I tell stories from my own experience as well as give sage, practical advice on things to do to make you feel better and heal faster.

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Take this quiz to get a personalized healing guide with the resources you need at the exact time you need it and find out what your next steps of your healing journey are.



Join in the conversation and share in a private group with other loss parents and guidance from me! Answer a few short questions to get access.


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