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Jennifer Senn

Baby Loss

Online Coaching with Jennifer Senn

I help parents of stillborn babies find hope and healing so they can live a life full of possibility again in my unique coaching program~
Roadmap To Recovery

Do You Feel...

  • Overwhelmed and suffering from brain fog?

  • Unable to understand how the rest of the world is moving on with life when yours has stopped?

  • Exhausted and isolated?

  • Like your life has no meaning and you're not sure if you'll ever be happy again?

  • At odds with your partner or those closest to you because they don't understand your grief

If so, you're not alone. My 3rd pregnancy was twin girls who were lost at 32 weeks. I understand the pain and can show you the way.

Take Away Coffee

What If You Could...

Learn tools that teach you how to stop the negative thoughts, restore your relationships and

improve every area of your life

Connect with other grief parents who share what is helping them most in a supportive community

Get expert support and coaching from a Certified Coach who is also a stillbirth loss parent

Feel more confident as you are gaining self- compassion and lessening the guilt

Join fromthe comfort of your own home (you can decide if you want to be on camera or not), and have resources at your fingertips. 

Mountain Ridge

The Journey Towards Healing Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

I knew from my first meeting with Jen that I was in capable hands. She helped me believe and trust myself again

- S L

I was nervous because I was worried it would be heavy like therapy was but it was the opposite! Every session I felt better than when I started and learned so much.

- JG

The group program is phenomenal. I needed to connect with others who are right where I am and understand me and the topics were right on target. SO comforting.

- LR

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