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About Jen

My Story and How I Can Help You

I’m a rainbow baby myself and a mom who has 2 sons, twin girls who were stillborn at 32 weeks, then gave birth to a daughter 3 days before the first year anniversary of my twins’ loss.  


I help stillbirth moms get rid of the guilt and conquer the fear of getting pregnant again so they can have the family they dream of.

I know how the pain of this loss resurfaces several times during your lifetime including:

  • becoming pregnant again

  • job or career changes

  • raising children who leave the nest

  • losing a parent 

  • and many other unsuspecting moments along the way

Trying to pretend you’re okay when you’re not can take a toll on your mind and body.  I take the lessons I’ve learned from my own experience and coaching expertise to show you how to combat the fear, guilt, and isolation you’re feeling.

Jennifer Senn, ACC, CPCC

Certified in NLP and Timeline Therapy©

Jennifer Senn-Coach for Stillbirth Moms
Navigating Baby Loss Private Coaching

Private CoachingSessions

My one-on-one sessions are designed to help you in whatever stage you’re in. This is a difficult time and grief is a complex process.


I provide the support you need to find that you WILL be okay again and your life CAN be joyful. This no-judgement zone is a place where you can cry without shame, and talk about your biggest fears and dreams. You will be guided by a mom who has been right where you are and can help you through it. 


Your first 30-minute session is complimentary so try it for yourself!

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