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Imagine if you could live a beautiful life without feeling guilty about your baby’s loss… (and improve on all other areas of your life too!)

Without sitting for hours in an office, pouring your heart out to someone who has no clue what you’re going through, or keeping it all to yourself

If you’re a loss parent struggling with guilt and having trouble healing...

You’ve already heard that “time heals all wounds”

But the real truth is that baby loss stays with you forever

Even if you feel like you’re feeling better, there will be several times throughout your life where grief, guilt and shame will reappear. So it’s time to take a new approach that will have lasting results and give you the tools you need to get back on track sooner when it happens.

You want to...


Learn how to sort out the facts to understand why that feeling is coming up


Know that you are worthy and exactly where you are meant to be


Create ways that honor the baby you lost so they are a present part of your daily life


Learn to trust the future and its ability to lead you to a beautiful life

woman on couch

And I can help you do that!

Tried Counseling? Doing it on your own?  Awesome.

But that will only get you so far...

This type of loss is something that even trained professionals don’t “get” unless they’ve experienced it themselves. Without a keen understanding of how to accurately process this type of grief, it can keep you spinning in a cycle that could rob you of living your most amazing life.

The fact is most loss parents carry guilt and shame and believe they could have done something to prevent it.

Most parents feel the guilt and shame of their baby’s loss and it can bleed out into every area of their lives if unresolved. Failed relationships, career breakdowns, and lack of self-esteem just to name a few.

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Before you suffer another minute~


It’s time to take action and try a new approach to healing

4 Reasons Most Baby Loss Parents Generally Fail
to Find Relief from Guilt

(and how to guarantee you won't fail)




It’s common for parents to blame themselves and even blame each other following a baby’s loss. 

It can become a never-ending loop of blame and pain which can ultimately lead to damage to their self-esteem and a breakdown of their relationship. What it can lead to is ongoing feelings of shame and feeling like you hate your body for what it has done or not done. Once you dial in on the facts of what happened you can release the blame and begin healing.




Loss parents experience a feeling of being “stuck” in their situation.

They don’t feel like they can ever find happiness or joy again following their baby’s loss. They often feel like it is a huge scar in their life that will forever be an open, painful wound. These feelings also take a toll on their relationships, career, and parenting of other children they have or may have in the future if not resolved. Changing how they think and talk to themselves is the ultimate path to joy and happiness.




They have been burned before by planning ahead.

Once they have experienced a sudden, tragic loss they are scared to ever trust that things will go as planned again. They are afraid to have another baby in case it results in another loss. They live their life day to day being cautious of every decision in case it “doesn’t work out”. Giving themselves permission to plan and dream again will help them to feel hopeful and excited about the future again.




They think that others don’t want to hear about their loss

Society has conditioned us to keep our grief for our losses to ourselves. It is an extremely uncomfortable topic that stops a conversation in its tracks. They feel as if there is a timeline of when they should be done grieving and return to their normal selves. Once they realze that the only way to get to the other side of the pain is through it and that their loss is valid, it gives them the power to express their feelings without shame.

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Suffering is Optional

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You deserve a better life despite your baby loss

"This course was just what I needed to get the ball rolling. I was tired of suffering and needed to find out how to feel better sooner."

"I loved being able to do it at home in my own time and at my own pace. I can revisit it at any time to keep myself in check when things get hard"

"I feel better knowing that the guilt I was feeling is normal and I realized it was holding me back from living my life"

"Finally an easier way to get help for dealing with my stillbirth loss. I tried therapy and some support groups but needed something that spoke directly to what I am feeling and thinking."


HEAL Method for Baby loss course

The Complete A-Z Course for loss parents who want to relieve the guilt and go

from feeling broken and worthless to feeling hopeful and optimistic.

I've taken everything I've learned from my own loss experience of my own twins, two decades of helping others, and created a framework to put the power of coaching into action which allows you to process your grief in a more effective, positive way. 

The HEAL Method for Baby Loss isn’t so much an idea but it’s a way of life

Yes, you'll learn the strategies behind the HEAL Method and how it works for processing grief, but you can apply them to every area of your life

The end result: living a life that is full of joy and meaning that also honors your baby

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HEAL Method for baby loss course

is the first course of its kind that…

  • Allows you to go at your own pace
You can access the whole course immediately after purchase and dive right in or you can digest it piece by piece over a few days- it’s up to you and how you want to experience it
  • Gives you a structure
This course will give you an actual map to follow on how to break down your feelings into bite-sized pieces and process them in a way that feels better
  • Shows you how to dream again
One thing we lose when we lose our baby is our ability to dream of our future. In this course you will learn how to dream again and why you deserve it

If you choose to enroll in The HEAL Method for Baby Loss Course, all this is possible and more

A sneak peek inside The HEAL Method for Baby Loss

Module 1

Look at Your Life

  • Why we Feel Guilt- 

  • Looking at the Facts

Module 2

Learn from Your Life

  • Learn the HEAL Method

  • How to Talk Positive to Yourself

Module 3

woman on computer

Live a Beautiful Life

  • Learn to Release Guilt

  • Imagine a New Future

And to Make Sure You're Supported Every Step Of The Way, You'll Also Get Access to:



A one-hour call with me!
($397 value)

phone and computer

You will get to schedule a FREE one-hour session with me where I will walk you through an opportunity to share your story (if you wish) and voice all of the concerns, situations, or experiences you would like to improve on in your life since your loss occurred.

Then you will get to choose one main topic you would like to feel relief in and get to experience what a coaching session is like…

Coaching is a judgment-free advice-free space where you are able to process your thoughts and feelings in a comfortable, conversational way. 

Together we will come up with strategies that support you in your healing and dealing with the grief leaving you feeling better even after just one session.

You will leave our call together feeling hopeful and refreshed as you create a plan for your future.


HEAL Method for Baby Loss

Course workbook with journal prompts, space to try out new thoughts, and Bonus Mantra cards


woman at sunset

Audio Meditation


commuication cheat sheet

Imagine what the world would be like if…

You could feel relief knowing that you can live and breathe easier without carrying the weight of guilt.

That’s what we aim to achieve with The HEAL Method for Baby Loss

Anchor Course
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Get The HEAL Method for Baby Loss today and get...

  • The HEAL Method Course ($197 value)

Heal Method for Baby Loss Course
  • The HEAL Method Digital/Printable Workbook ($37 value)

  • Audio Meditation ($27 value)

  • Communication Cheat Sheet ($27 value)

  • One-Hour Call with Me          ($197 value)

When you add it all up, that's a total value of more than $475! 

(A ridiculously low investment when you consider the cost of a therapist or suffering any longer)

payment options

Need help ordering or have questions?       email:

This program is for you if:

You are tired of blaming yourself for your loss

You can’t seem to “feel normal” no matter how hard you try

You feel like no one understands you and can’t seem to feel joy or happiness

This program is not for you if:

You like feeling sad and angry at your situation

You don’t want to make peace with what happened or feel better

You aren’t willing to try some new ways to deal with your grief

Jennifer Senn

Hi, I'm Jennifer

I'm Jennifer Senn and I am a certified Life Coach as well as a loss mama 20+ years ago. I know what it's like to live with baby loss and navigate all the seasons of it. I take my own experience of losing my stillborn twins and what I have learned from helping others over the past 2 decades and created a unique coaching program to help loss parents heal in a better way. I am the host of the Navigating Baby Loss Podcast and am on a mission to talk about all things baby loss and stop the silence that is damaging marriages and self-esteem and keeping women from living out their futures. 


Questions people asked before saying “I’m in!!” to The HEAL Method for Baby Loss

Will this really help me?

It really will- if you listen to the videos and do the exercises and put them into practice you will definitely see results. If you are willing to make some changes and see things in a different way you will notice that you are feeling relief.

What if I keep getting triggered?

Unfortunately, you will. But as you learn these strategies it will become less and less painful. There is no way to eliminate triggers but you can learn to deal with them in a way that feels much easier to manage.

I've tried counseling. Is this the same?

No- this course is all self-led and you can go at your own pace. It is based on life coaching principles which are all very focused on the present and the future so there is no need to uncover old wounds that leave you feeling worse. You should feel energized and excited after doing this kind of work because it shows you new perspectives.

Will it help my husband/partner too?

Absolutely! Share any or all of the ideas and activities with them and share what you are learning. It is a great way to communicate and you just might learn how they deal with their grief and can help them.

*Due to the digital nature of this product there will be no refunds but please reach out to with any questions or issues. 

Your Investment

Finally feel the relief you have been looking for...

At Your Own Pace

3 Modules

6 lessons

Digital /Printable Workbook with journal prompts and mantras

Audio Meditation

Communication Cheat Sheet

Free One- Hour Call with me!

(save $800)

pay options

Need help ordering or have questions?       email:

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