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Free Resources

Here you can find free, helpful tools to help you at any stage of your journey through pregnancy loss or stillbirth

"10 Questions You Ask Yourself After You Lose Your Baby"

This e-book is a compilation of some of the thoughts that kept swirling in my head in the days and weeks after my twins were stillborn. They are common thoughts that come up for many families dealing with the loss of their baby. I offer my insight about each one and some helpful tips to take away the pain.

Jennifer Senn book for Bereaved parents
The Truth About the Loss of Your Baby_.png

"The Truth About the Loss of Your Baby" video series

This video series includes my own story of the loss of my twin girls and includes some tools I used (and still use) to get myself out of that feeling of drowning in grief that is so common for parents who have lost their babies. Included is a visualization exercise that my clients love and is one that has allowed me to find peace when I need it, as well as some valuable mantras to help dig you out of a ditch. 

"Things I Wish They'd Say After My Baby Loss"

If you've ever wished you could train those around you to speak about your baby loss in a kinder, gentler way this is for you! It includes a printable list of exactly what they can say or do in order to truly be helpful to you. You can give them a copy or hang it on your door for all to see as they enter (even your partner if they need it!)

Things I wish people would say after baby loss
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