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These support options are designed to use my unique expertise to help you get the relief you need in the fastest, most encouraging way.

Click the chat box at the bottom of the page to get any questions answered or to get started! 

Navigating Baby Loss Chat

Chat Coaching

Our chat coaching service is a convenient platform that provides personalized guidance and support to loss parents. You can receive expert advice, motivation, and problem-solving assistance any time you need it most. chat coaching is perfect for those who would love coaching access when and where they need it.

Navigating Baby Loss Coaching

Healing Hearts Power Session Coaching

This personalized one-on-one session lasts 90 minutes and is the fastest way to get relief from those negative emotions that weigh you down. Guilt, anger, sadness, fear, and hurt are our main focus and you will leave this session feeling lighter and at ease. Don't suffer another minute! 

Navigating Baby Loss Group

Healing Hearts Group Program

If you crave connection with others who are also trying to find their way through baby loss this is for you. We meet every week for 2 months and dive deep into how to clear the main negative emotions while we share stories and create solutions together. Sessions are held every Wednesday evening at 8 pm. EST.

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