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Do I need Coaching or Therapy when I lose my baby and what's the difference?

This is a great question and one I want to explain in detail because it is so different for everyone especially when dealing with grief. Some people may need one or the other or a combination of both. Here are the main differences:

You could benefit from coaching if:

You could use support surrounding your thoughts about your loss

You are struggling getting back to day to day life

Your grief is affecting your relationships or getting in the way of your work

You would like to have another baby but are too afraid to try again

Coaching is designed to move the needle quicker to becoming healed and living into your new reality. It allows you the time and space to tell your story and recreate a new future. A great coach knows that you already have all the resources and answers within you and they can help you to quiet that inner critic in order to unlock what you need to learn about yourself. A coach is never full of judgement or offering advice, but instead helping you tap into your own potential and together creating actionable steps to help you move closer to your goals. I like to use visualization exercised to shift your thoughts from one space to another. If you are ready to take steps to move forward and process your loss in the most compassionate way while imagining what your new future will be like, especially if you're considering another pregnancy at some time in the future, coaching may be for you.

Therapy may be necessary if:

You have overwhelming grief to the point where you can't sleep or eat

You are having suicidal thoughts, or thoughts of harming yourself or others

You have issues from the past that are affecting your daily life

You need someone to make a diagnosis and prescribe medication.

Therapy is a necessary tool if you have a debilitating grief that is preventing you from living a normal daily life. If you are inconsolable and having thoughts of harming yourself or others please contact a professional therapist as therapy and possibly medications may be prescribed. There's no shame in seeking therapy since we all have different backgrounds and responses to grief, and when there is an event like this in our lives it can challenge even the strongest of us. You will need to do the work necessary to heal yourself from the trauma or whatever is triggering this response in you in order to move forward and there are several licensed professionals who are so adept at this.

In a nutshell therapy focuses on the the past traumas that are affecting how you operate in your every day life and is a modality of treatment for healing disorders, and coaching focuses on the future and what it is you want to create for your life. If you still need more clarity or would like to discuss what your best option would be I welcome you to schedule a call with me to discuss it.

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