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  • Are you exhausted from grief and struggling to make sense of what is happening and your feelings around it?

  • Is your husband or partner having a hard time understanding you because they grieve in a different way?

  • Do you feel like you will never feel normal again?

  • Has it been a long time since your loss but you just can't seem to find happiness or peace?

  • Is your loss affecting your performance at work or how you parent your other children?

Any or all of these feelings are NormaL and  can improve with help

$197 for a 90-minute session

A Single Coaching session is structured like this:

~ Time to get to know each other and design the goals and boundaries together- 15 minutes

~ Time to share your story and express your feelings while we determine the topic(s) we want to take action on- 30 minutes

~ Coaching to uncover where the blocks are so we can create a plan of action- 30 minutes

~ Create action steps and set up an accountability structure and/or follow up (if needed)- 15 minutes

Is it time for you to change the narrative in your head and make some changes that are long-lasting and release you from your pain?

you deserve it...

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