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NBL Support Circle

Grief Support for Parents of
Stillborn Babies

This Program is perfect for you if...

  • You're sick of feeling isolated and overwhelmed

  • You're tired of being tired 

  • You're ready to find new ways to drop the guilt and live life again

  • You want a different approach to coping with grief

  • You would like to connect with other parents who are grieving their stillborn babies

  • You want to learn new approaches and get advice in the comfort of your own home and on your own time

Upcoming Topics For the Weekly Zoom Sessions:  (Weekly on Wednesdays at 7:00 PM)

June 2023 events

Here's How it Works:

~ Each week on Wednesday at 4:00 pm PST/ 7:00 pm EST we will meet on Zoom and your video will remain hidden unless you agree to show your video during the call

~Each week will either have a topic to discuss, a casual chat, special guests and we will have plenty of time for Q & A  and Coaching (see monthly calendar for details)

~ All calls will be recorded for replay access and will be sent to you

~ You will have access to a private Facebook Group for members only to find your community and you can submit questions for the weekly call

~ Free 45 Minute Private Coaching session with me

~Connection with other parents who understand what you are going through and will share what they're doing that's helping

~and so much more

computer in bed

are you ready?

Is it time for you to find your place in a community of others who are on the same journey as you and get the help and answers you need to make sense and make peace with your loss?

Meet Your Grief Guide

Jennifer Senn

I'm Jennifer Senn and I lost my twin daughters to stillbirth in 1999. 

I am a Certified Life Coach and have spent decades helping others as I have learned to live with my own grief. I am an expert at helping parents relieve the guilt and rediscover who they are again after loss, and know that this type of loss stays with you throughout your lifetime.

I teach the tools that helped me at a time when there were no resources. Let me help you find peace with your loss and learn to live again.

Join Anytime...

NBL Support Circle

$27 USD/month (first month Free!)

*billed monthly

Immediate access to the growing library of resources. Interviews, presentations, workshops, etc.

Weekly LIVE Zoom sessions with rich teachings & discussions plus Q&A

Recordings of Zoom sessions within 24 hours

Private Members-only Facebook Group

Lock in this price for as long as you are a member

Cancel Anytime...

Why Would I Need Coaching?

Here's What Others Say...

"The value was incredible and at only $27 a month, I felt it was worth hundreds more. It saved my marriage and friendships and helped me feel more like myself again and it was so helpful that Jennifer has been right where I am"

What Do You Have To Lose?

Group Support

Find a supportive community in others who understand wat you're going through


Coaching with a certified life coach specializing in pregnancy and stillbirth loss 

weekly Calls

Get your questions answered and learn from others' questions and comments

 Private Call

Everyone gets a free call with Jen to create their own personal roadmap to healing


If you're tired of feeling like you will never get your life back again, and you are still struggling in so many areas of your life, maybe it's time to try something different. The support you will get will be so valuable for your $27 monthly investment and you can cancel anytime. If you would like to talk to me first to get more information to know if this is right for you click here and schedule a time to talk. Otherwise, click below and we will see you in the group!

(First month free!)

*cancel anytime

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