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Start here to begin healing...

If you're tired feeling: 

  • Guilt

  • Blame

  • Shame

  • Fear of a new pregnancy

  • Jealousy

  • Struggles forming a bond with a new baby

  • Excessive fear or dread

  • Deteriorating mental health

  • Anxious thoughts

  • Frequent reflections of loss

It's time to stop suffering and find out what your future could  be like instead


Jennifer Senn-Coaching for Stillbirth Moms

I'm Jennifer Senn and I was 29 years old when I suffered my own twin daughters’ stillbirth at 32 weeks. 


I found a better way to deal with my grief and help others. I teach a solution that has helped me find peace when those feelings of guilt over my loss creep back in. 


I have changed my life and the lives of others who are struggling to be a member of this club nobody wants to be in.

Complimentary Support Call

You'll leave this call with hope and have a plan to cope
with your loss in a more compassionate way

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