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Are you dreading the holiday season? 
(yet everyone around you seems joyful!)

If you’re a loss parent and you're feeling less than "Thankful" this upcoming season...

You're already feeling the pressure to do the holidays as usual...

But what if you just don't wanna?

Holidays can be hard. And especially triggering when they are centered around children or family events. You may want to do things different since your loss or not at all, but how when everyone else is expecting you to feel the holiday spirit?

Join me for...

Handling the Holidays

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Holiday Office Hours

Are you dreading the upcoming holiday season? While everyone else seems to be enjoying themselves and making all kinds of festive plans you are stuck feeling like this is another knife in your already aching heart. Join me as I help you navigate this upcoming season with ease and help you find what feels right for YOU as we head into the next couple of months. 

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Hi, I'm Jennifer

I'm Jennifer Senn and I am a certified Life Coach as well as a loss mama 20+ years ago. I know what it's like to live with baby loss and navigate all the seasons of it. I take my own experience of losing my stillborn twins and what I have learned from helping others over the past 2 decades and created a unique coaching program to help loss parents heal in a better way. I am the host of the Navigating Baby Loss Podcast and am on a mission to talk about all things baby loss and stop the silence that is damaging marriages and self-esteem and keeping women from living out their futures. 

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